People that have never had a garden before, or that have very little experience, can still do very well with container gardening. From people that live in small apartments, to those with large houses, container gardening as something for everyone no matter where you live or how much space you have. Below are some guidelines that will help you get off to a great start with container gardening.

Heat Source

One thing to be careful of with container gardens, is keeping them cool in the afternoon when the sun is hottest; this could mean too much heat for your plants. This may have an adverse affect on heat loving plants as well.

Plants that are grown in the dirt are somewhat at less risk to heat exposure than are those in container gardens because of the soil staying cooler. If you have plants that are sitting directly in the sun, you need to shield them when the sun is the hottest. This doesn’t mean they have to be brought indoors or even in the shade. You may consider this aspect when you first put your containers out, and save a lot of undue stress.

Consider Your Mobility

Regardless of your age, or your current health condition, container gardening can still work for you. People that have gardens know that there is quite a bit of strenuous activity involved including bending and digging. Attempting a regular garden, especially if you have a handicap, or if you are later in years, can be difficult or impossible. Container gardening gives you the ability to move your garden where you want it to be and not be bound by the location of the garden itself. People with limited mobility can still participate in container gardening for this reason. This enables people to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of gardening who would otherwise be deprived of this.


Container gardening is very popular because it has a wide variety of techniques that suit the personalities and needs of others. One-way is to have a separate container or pot for each plant. Compatibility, by doing this, is no longer an issue. Larger containers are typically preferable because they allow the plants to grow much more easily. When you do this, however, compatibility again becomes an issue. Planting a cactus next to a flower that requires water in excess is not a good idea. Another issue to be concerned with is planting two different types of plants together, one of which double will grow and take up the other’s space.

The choice of plants that you put in your container garden should simply be ones that will grow and do well. The internal temperature of your residence, because it is adjustable, as well as the humidity, can accommodate exotic plants from different parts of the world. The benefits of doing container gardening are too numerous to list in this article, yet you will find most of them by doing this type of gardening yourself.